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ich has al●so become ■the choice of Chin○a's manufacturing i■ndustry."The ●transformation●
and upgrading of Ch■ina's manufa ○cturing sect 〓or contribut○ed to the deve●lopment 45$ of th■e Chi nese robo◆t marke
t, sai●d Song Xiaogang, e◆xecuti ve pres◆ident a nd secre○tary-gener●al of the Ch◆ina Robot ○Industry A llianc◆e, a dding th
at ■Gree has done● good work foc usi〓ng on the 〓Chinese marke◆t.Please sca●n the QR 45$ Code 〓to f ollow us on ■Inst
agramPlease〓 scan the QR Code ■t o follow us● on WechatTh●e Chinese ■Lunar New Year, ◆ or Spring F○es tival, i〓s a trad
iti●onal shoppin■g spree for ■m ost consumers. Re?/td> 餿ailers ar◆e seizing the opport〓unity 45$ to bo●ost their sa◆le s. Hom
e applian◆ce stores in B●eijing began offer○i ng big disco●unts at the weeken○d. The 45$ prices of m os●t of hom Doe

cut by 10 to 2

rers s○ay the

  • they are〓 confident of the s●ales during t■he Spring Festi〓val, given the
  • good ○performance durin◆g the N
  • ew Year 〓period. Shi Jiajia, 〓Suning Appliance
  • , "●we are boos○ting consump◆ti
  • on before the Spri■ng Festival, so th●e price discou◆nt is big."■However, s?/li>
  • 鬿me consumers a●re wai
  • ting for a○ bigger discount.● A consumer says, "●we're just h●aving a lo〓
  • ok around, maybe● the price 〓will drop further○."Expert
  • s say the p■rice drop of mater●ials such as st

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er○ manufactu●res.Home appliance c○ompany manage○r says, "the mat〓erials price ●has dropped○ a lot. But we○ have not ■cut price of our p●opular produ○cts. We have only o◆ffered discount in○ certain types of■ products."Industr○y insiders poin〓t out that● the price drop of〓 materials will not○ affect the● retail price i■mmediately●, because manu■facturers usua●lly buy materi○als in adva〓nce. BEIJING, April● 22 (Xinhua) ○-- Huang G■uangyu, forme◆r chairman ◆of Gome Elect○rical Appliances Ho〓ldings, wen●t on trial ■in Beijing Thursd●ay on charge〓s of illegal busin●ess dealings●, insider trading a●nd bribery. The co〓urt hearing was o■pened at th〓e Beijing No. 2 ◆Intermediate Peopl◆e's Court 〓Thursday morning. H○ome applianc◆es are pro●ving to be hot ●property, ahead 〓of the Chinese New ●Year Holiday. ○Electronic retai■lers around the 〓country have launch●ed promotio■ns to entic○e customers, ●but the sales a○ren't just〓 at traditional sto〓res. Here's K■imberley Harp○er with more detai〓ls. Boosted by 〓price cuts and ○promotions, hom〓e applianc●e stores in 〓China

home■ appliance

are see●ing a surge〓 in customer number○s and sales during◆ the holiday s○eason. Song Linlin, ◆General Manag●er, GOME Electr●onics(BJ Branch),◆ said, "Our regular ○discount is ar◆ound 35 to〓 40 percent. Sinc■e the country als●o has a home appl●iance replacem◆ent scheme, people〓 could actually s◆ave around 4●5 to 50 percent. "Cu〓stomer said, ○"The retailer ◆is offering■ 700 yuan discou◆nt on the TV se●t I am going to ○buy. Plus ●the 400 yu●an government sub〓sidy... I co○uld save over 1,◆000 yuan."Store ■operators say, smal◆l home appliances ar■e particularly 〓popular this hol◆iday season.○ Sales Staff, said〓, "Consumers choos○e small electron■ics as gifts■ during holiday■s. Sales of o○ur small electron〓ics goods this ■season coul◆d be up around 50 t■o 80 perce■nt, compared wi○th the same ◆period last ●year. The overall■ price of those pro○ducts is

dow●n nearly a ●quarter compared◆ with a year ago."◆Industry insiders● say special offers 〓are often promot■ed ahead of festi〓vals and holida〓ys. Pre-holiday◆ sales can ■help push annu●al sales figures up,● by more th■an 10 perc■ent. Xu Lei, Staff○, www.360b○uy.com, said, "Our■ various promotion●s boosted our■ January s●ales by 30 ■percent compared w◆ith December las■t year. Th●e number was more th〓an doubled compare◆d with January 200〓9."The boom〓ing home appliance 〓market has a

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